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#3 Mark Driscoll  and the End of Mars Hill

The evangelical megapastor had a fall from grace as Driscoll was found involved in several controversies. The founder of the Mars Hill megachurch organization and the Acts 29 network allegedly paid a company to place his book “Real Marriage” on the New York Times bestseller list. Driscoll also used church funds to buy multiple copies of the book without permission; he later apologized for doing so.

Soon after the “Real Marriage” controversy, church leaders began to speak out about emotional abuse and a lack of financial clarity that had occurred in Mars Hill for years. A misogynistic online rant that Driscoll wrote under a pseudonym in 2000 surfaced and dozens picketed Mars Hill Church, demanding that the pastor step down from ministry.

Driscoll and Mars Hill Church was removed from the Acts 29 church-planting network by the board and Driscoll took a hiatus from the ministry. On Oct. 14, Driscoll he announced that he would permanently step down from his pastoral position and the Mars Hill organization would be dissolved.

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