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#1 Ebola

The Ebola virus caused a great deal of alarm throughout the world as an epidemic ravaged West Africa. The illness, which has a death rate of 70 percent, began in Guinea in Dec. 2013 and quickly spread throughout Liberia and Sierra Leone. Over 7,500 people died from Ebola throughout 2014. The virus continues to wreak havoc in the West Africa, strengthened by the lack of equipped medical facilities in the region.

In December, TIME Magazine named the Ebola fighters its “Person of the Year,” noting that the men and women had risked their own safety to tend to the needs of others. Samaritan’s Purse physician Kent Brantly, who contracted Ebola while serving in Liberia, was honored with a magazine cover photo. Brantly was transported to the U.S. after he contracted Ebola alongside missionary Nancy Writebol, where both recovered from the virus.

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