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A convincing phone call from Fred Hammond’s brother, Ray, earlier this year was all it took for Donnie McClurkin to join the Grammy Award-winning Gospel singer on the 2014 annual Festival of Praise tour.

Set to kick off on Sept. 17 at the Fallbrook Church in Houston, the collaborative outing will feature the pair reuniting together on stage as they perform a string of duets and a selection of their notable hits. In anticipation of the tour, McClurkin sat down to talk with The Huffington Post.

McClurkin’s been noted for his controversial views on homosexuality, including believing religion helped him stop being gay. He declined to talk about those viewpoints in the interview, but did open up on music, current events, and pop culture.

This year’s annual Festival of Praise tour marks the stage reunion between yourself and Fred Hammond. What can fans expect from this tour in comparison to your previous performances?

Back then, about 15, 16 years ago, it was different. It was headliners and openers. And when I started touring with him, I watched that, and I never really liked how the concert tours would go with the different artists. And when I went out on tour with CeCe Winans in 2001 — literally a month after 9/11, we went out on tour — and my thing to CeCe was, “We can’t do this how the others have done it. Now, if we’re going to tour together, we’re going to be on stage together. And we’re going to enjoy each other, and I’m going to run and interrupt your stuff and you’re going to interrupt my stuff.”

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