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michael brown

Courtesy of CNN Dot Com

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has opened an investigation into the mysterious shooting death of 18 year old Michael Brown by suburban St. Louis police officers that happened over this past weekend.  Michael Brown had just graduated from high school and was set to go off to college in the fall when he was shot and killed by a Ferguson County police officer.  Details are sketchy about the story, but eyewitnesses say that the police officer in question shot the unarmed 18 year old several times while his hands were in the air and killed him.  However, authorities claim that the young man pushed an officer trying to get out of his vehicle prior to the shooting and went for his service weapon.  At the candlelight vigil a few days ago, riot broke out and some looting.  The NAACP has also tried to calm tension in the community.  For updates on the story, click the link below!


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