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Ideally, we all want to be the Ultimate Performer because the Ultimate Performer has perspective about life.  Once we realize that life is about growing in knowledge, love and unity and taking care of ourselves to the best of our ability, it’s at that time we should lighten up and realize this thing called life is the best comedy routine you will ever find.  There are 86,400 seconds in a day and the Ultimate Performer makes sure that they use each second wisely.

The Ultimate Performer stays on the path of improving and doing, which allows us to appreciate and be grateful for what we have accomplished.  The Ultimate Performer understands that life is about growing and getting better every day.  The minute we catch ourselves not growing, we should become curious about why we hit a plateau.  Don’t beat yourself up, just take an honest look at what’s going on in your life and see if there is a better way to reach your goals.

The important thing is that you keep it moving, no matter the situation or circumstance and all your positive actions and attitudes will become a habit.  Take all your constructive habits, imprint them in your unconscious mind and go for the GOAL!!!

The Church Lady

Written by:  Kay K. Bellamy

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