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  James 3:5 – The tongue is small part of the body but it makes great boasts.

In the book of James we learn that our tongues can either be fire igniters or fire extinguishers.  James pointed out that believers often engage in gossip, slander and backbiting.  While working to build up the body of Christ with their actions, their tongues can insidiously cause fires throughout the church.

Rather than using your words as combustible fodder, why not choose words that are fire resistant?  Here are words to quench a hot situation:

  1. “Please” and “Thank You”:  Like water, these words refresh the listener!
  2. “I’m Sorry”:  These two words quench the flames of heated arguments!
  3. “I Love You”:  These words carry tremendous power.  They are the Niagara Falls of words!
  4. “I Praying For You”:  These words let others know that you will ask God to give them the living water of Jesus and the Word.  They will hydrate a dry and weary soul!

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Written by:  The Holy Bible and Kay K. Bellamy

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