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It seems only a few of us still believe the best way to maintain good health is to combine exercise with healthy eating habits.  But we are missing one component and that is mindset.  We make promises to ourselves at the beginning of each year that we will get in shape before the summer comes so we can rock the latest swimwear.  We get discouraged when we catch a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror when we get out of the shower.  We’re embarrassed when we have to ask the sales person to bring a bigger size to the dressing room.  What happens between the time we make the New Year’s resolution and the first day of summer?  Why do we lose sight of our health and weight goals along the way?  The answer is, mindset!  Statistics are showing a huge incline in sales of weight loss pills, shots and surgeries to lose weight.  While exercising and eating right may be the old fashion way, it is the best way and it still works!

It’s April!  Let’s buckle down and get our minds in shape so we can get our health and bodies in shape!  It’s true, the mind is a terrible thing to waste.  Use your mind to make change!  If you want to look better and feel better do a self talk-pep talk and get it done!  No more promises, just action!  No more surgeries, just hard work!   No more procrastination, just do it!  No more lack of faith, just trust God!

The Church Lady

Written by:  Kay K. Bellamy

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