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In lieu of the recent rash of purse snatch killings in our community Radio One Philadelphia has taken action.  We are taking a stand with our community and learning self defense, because we have a legal right to defend ourselves.

Master Lawrence Whitaker and Karin Lange from Urban Defense Center stopped by Radio One Philadelphia to give us tips on how to stay safe while living our lives day-to-day.  We also learned tactics and techniques to protect ourselves and our family without having to take a life.  We learned home and street safety techniques and how to improve our upper body strength and agility.

With that said, Radio One Philadelphia would like to share some of those tips and techniques with you so you can live your life with more control, power, and confidence.

3 Rules to Self Defense     

  1. Control Your Space – Never let anyone get so close you can’t break free!
  2. Evade – Use your hands and arms to block everything; and your eyes to see it coming!
  3. Engage – Use your techniques to protect yourself!

5 Ways to Hurt a Person’s Body Easily

  1. Eyes – If they can’t see you; you can’t hurt you!
  2. Throat – Knock the wind out of them long enough to get away!
  3. Groin – Need I say more!
  4. Shin – Make them buckle
  5. Feet – Hopping on one foot means they can’t run after you!]

For more Safety Tips on Self Defense go to

When it comes to our community, we ACT NOW not later!

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