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You grow up believing Romeo & Juliet’s love story was real. And guess what…it was!  Every young girl wanted her Romeo and knew he would come someday.  Then you wake up one morning and find yourself sleeping with a married man or in a same sex relationship and afraid to tell anyone about it.  That’s a far cry from the Romeo & Juliet love story I remember. They shouted their love from the rooftop.  But then again, they were both single, so they could.  You can hide lust and sex an even love.  But you cannot hide true love!  Divorce stats and women to men ratios have made us turn the other cheek to finding Romeo & Juliet love.  Some people believe we don’t choose who we fall in love with because love deals with matters of the heart and you can’t control who you love.  Sure you can!The heart and the brain have a great relationship if you let them.  The minute the heart says “he hits me because he loves me” is the minute the brain says “hell no”!  Your mind is your back up.  It knows right from wrong.  Your heart makes decisions based on feelings and your mind makes decisions based on sensibility.  Use your head to protect your heart from relationships with married people and from following love trends because it’s the latest fad. Don’t believe all the love stories you see on TV and read about on celebrity gossip sites.  Some of them are for entertainment purposes only.  Love can be real for all of us the minute we decide the love we want and the love we are willing to give in return. Church Lady

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