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Kenan Thompson, cast member of “Saturday Night Live” got into a debate  with cast member Jay Pharaoh about the lack of  talent black female comedians bring to the auditions for ‘SNL”.  Thompson quoted “the black female comedians auditioning for Saturday Night Live aren’t ready”.  Does that mean black female comedians aren’t funny or does Thompson want to be the only black female comedian on SNL?

Maybe it’s not the lack of talent but the max of criticism towards black female comedians.  “Too raunchy, not funny, curse too much, bad outfits, etc….  Comedy is and will always be a male dominated world and now that men have become so good at playing women, that leaves very little room for the real thing.

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There are many, many funny and talented black female comedians, that Lorne Michaels, founding producer of “SNL” could choose from but what’s keeping him from making the choice?  Michaels says “It will happen; I’m sure it will happen”.  Well if if you’re so sure it will happen, then make it happen.  Who better to make it happen other than the founding and executive  producer or is he just blowing smoke because he thinks that’s what we want to hear.  Let me ask you this Michaels; are the rating more credible with men as women in skits; is that what your viewers prefer or is that your personal preference.

The reason many popular audience driven TV’s shows use the method of “Let America Vote” is because America is watching and maintaining the ratings and they should have a say in the matter.  If not what and where, that input should at least include who!  Lorne Michaels should consider holding a viewers audition and let America decide which black female comedians are ready.  You might be surprised to hear what America thinks and not the thoughts of black male comedians who aren’t that funny either.

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