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Stressed? Feeling guilty? These feelings are just part of being a mom – especially if you are working full time. But there is no need for you to let your worries or feelings of guilt get in your way of being both a great mom and employee.

Here are some tips from to stomp out some of that stress and manage your guilt:


More often these days, dads are stepping in to take on parenting duties. A recent study by the Families and Work Institute found that fathers spend an hour more a day with their kids than dads did 25 years ago. Dad’s participation can come in especially handy when the kids get sick or when you just cannot make that parent-teacher conference. So when it comes to parenting, do not hesitate to share the load of responsibilities with your husband.

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If you are feeling super stressed, ask your employer about rearranging your schedule so that you work four days instead of five, or have every other Friday off. This may incur a pay cut, but it might be worth it to strike that delicate balance between your career and kids. But if a flexible schedule is not feasible, try to pick one evening or weekend day when you can focus solely on your family. That means turn off the laptop, leave your cell at home and hit the playground. In addition to being a stellar mom, this play time away from the job will recharge your batteries, and you can return to work fresh and less stressed.


If you are at work right now, you are probably wishing you were at home. But guess what? You may not be that much more satisfied if you stayed at home fulltime. According to Dr. Leon Hoffman, director of the Pacella Parent Child Center, many working mothers wish they were home with their children, and while at home, wish they were back at work. Bottom line? Being a mom is a tough job, no matter how you slice it. But if you gain perspective on your situation and are confident about why you are working (or staying at home – whatever the case may be), you can get through even the toughest days with less guilt.


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