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PAWNEE, Oklahoma-Christopher S. Linder can not serve as Mayor for his small town of Pawnee Oklahoma despite the fact that he was elected. Because Linder, a former gang memver, is convicted of a felony, he can not serve as mayor after unsuccessfully trying to be pardoned in Arizona, where he committed the crime. The New York Times reports:

His victory came despite the fact that the police chief received an anonymous tip about Mr. Linder’s criminal past just after he filed his candidacy. The matter came to light too late to remove his name from the ballot. Mr. Linder held a forum to address the furor, describing how he had tried to sell 20 pounds of marijuana to two men and had been given counterfeit money in return. During a car chase, the men had fired at his vehicle and his friend had fired back using Mr. Linder’s gun.

He was asked why he had not removed the heart and pitchforks tattooed to his right shoulder, which symbolize the Gangster Disciples, his old crew. The board asked if he realized that somebody easily could have been killed on Aug. 11, 1999, the day of the crime.

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