Courtesy of Mail Online Imagine you are going through airport security and the alarm goes off.  Your immediately told by airport security to empty your pockets of all belongings.  You oblige and there are enormous amounts of change.  In a rush to not miss your outgoing flight, you take your wallet keys, but forget to […]

Courtesy of CNN Dot Com Australian hackers are holding Iphone users phones hostage by locking their phones and demanding an $100 ransom in order to unlock the phone.  The hacker gets a hold of the accounts via I-Cloud, a data software storage tool and tells the victims to put the money in their online account. […]

The graduation craze that is picking up some more steam is women wanting to get breast implants after they obtain their diploma.  After they walk down the aisle from that 4 year high school education or 4 year institution as a graduation gift breast implants are on the wish list.  The average price for the surgery […]

Courtesy of CNN Money Business had been going good for GM until recently news came out that they have now recalled more cars on the road than actual sells.  About 12 million cars were sold since 2009, but since then 13.8 million have been recalled.  The biggest problem to date right now is a faulty […]

Courtesy of Huffington Post The Supreme Court has made a groundbreaking decision in regards to prayer within local governmental meetings.  They have ruled in a tough 5-4 decision that prayer before local council meetings is acceptable because it is something that has been traditionally done for plenty of years and does not violate the First Amendment […]

Via Today Dot Com Atlanta had a snowstorm combined with ice, which made the roads treacherous and it shut down the city and highways.  People were stranded on the highways in their cars without gas.  Nick Anderson was on the roadside when an officer who was responding an accident asked him if he was stranded. […]

“Un-Break My Heart” was everyone’s favorite song to listen to while crying over a bad breakup. The year was 1996, and Toni Braxton‘s power ballad topped…