Gospel Artist Shirley Caesar spoke with Praise host Solomon Jones about the division we see in America today. She says gospel is the answer. But not only that. We must vote. Check her out at her upcoming concert at Sharon Baptist Church on November 9th!

This weekend, when I learned that someone had walked into a Pittsburgh synagogue and killed 11 people, I thought of my Jewish friend, Susan Jacobs. I met her 25 years ago, when she walked into the homeless shelter where, like many of the men there, I was trying to purge the demons of my drug addiction. […]

In his edition of the Ericasm, Erica talks about going through her DMs a few days ago after having been posting about love. She received a message from someone who didn’t understand why Erica could have posted something positive about people who have done not so great things in the past. Erica didn’t understand how […]

In this edition of the Love Talk, Erica Campbell opens up about being a girl who loves love. She says she refuses to give up on love and her view of love as a strong force that conquers all. She explains why it’s important to let go of disappointments in love, and let go of that negative energy. […]

(BlackWomensHealth.com) “Healing Without Hate: How to Forgive to Live,” is a ten step process that will help you become free to let go of the past and live the life that is intended for you. It has always been my belief that everyone was placed on this earth for a purpose. It is important for […]