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Multiple Shootings In Suburban Maryland Spurs Hunt For Suspect

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This weekend, when I learned that someone had walked into a Pittsburgh synagogue and killed 11 people, I thought of my Jewish friend, Susan Jacobs.

I met her 25 years ago, when she walked into the homeless shelter where, like many of the men there, I was trying to purge the demons of my drug addiction. Sue stood in front of a room of mostly black men, and asked if we wanted to write for a newsletter that would advocate for the homeless in the voice of those who were experiencing it.

I volunteered, and more than two decades later, I’m a multimedia journalist, the author of 10 books, a radio host and commentator, and a leader in this city. But more than that, I am Susan’s friend, and that has helped to shape my perspective on those who are not like me.

That’s what happens when people walk in with love in their hearts. Lives change, dreams are born, and people get to know one another beyond stereotypes.

But when the only thing you know of other people is what you read on a racist message board, your mind will form a picture before your eyes can actually see it.

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