In GRIFF's Prayer, GRIFF explains why kids don't want a dog like that think they do.

Source: Antoinette Essa / Antoinette Essa My heart really hurt yesterday, when a friend of mine, shared this post about her time during 11am service at her Henrico church.  In a nutshell, a white man, who was not a member of this church, entered the sanctuary with a pitbull, then unleashed the dog.  He positioned […]

Courtesy of Mail Online Dot Com Imagine your running an errand and you take your household pet with you, a dog.  While your out, the dog is left in the car.  Time goes by and eventually your pet that you love becomes impatient.  Then, the pet precedes to climb from the backseat to the driver […]

This man was disfigured for ACCIDENTALLY running over a dog in his car. Watch the astonishing story below.

Hear Bishop Secular talk about a woman who has a tattoo on her foot that says “I walk by faith,” who also has a pit bull seeing eye dog. Check out today’s segment to hear all about it! RELATED: Much More From Bishop Secular On

VIA: CNN They say Michael Vick is trying to redeem himself. The NFL superstar who participated in a dog-fighting ring that shot, electrocuted, drowned and slammed dogs to the ground now wants to bring home a dog as a pet. Sorry, Michael Vick, there are limits to redemption. Redemption isn’t giving a bank robber a […]

VIA: CNN Imagine the police dog handler’s surprise when the canine snapped at the ground, and the ground cried out. That was how a police dog found a camouflaged burglary suspect, authorities in Washington County, Oregon, said Thursday. The dog alerted his handler that he smelled something on the ground about a half-mile from the […]