When the FBI raided Roger Stone’s Florida home on Friday, most Americans only had one question: Who’s Roger Stone? Despite the longtime Trump associate pulling one political trick after another, most people know more about R. Kelly than they do about R. Stone. But when the FBI showed up before dawn with shotguns, vests, and […]


Obama says the hacks brought attention to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and issues within the Democratic National Committee.

We are taking a look at all of the father’s out there who need someone to “put a ring on it.”


They are planning to make changes in an effort to diversify their board and nominations in the future.

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Much was made about the Oscars last Sunday. The hash tag #OscarsSoWhite reflected the absence of color among some of the biggest categories of the…

News One Exclusives

Common and John Legend captured Oscar gold on Sunday with their win for Best Original Song for “Glory,” the title track to  the movie “Selma”.…