Bishop Eddie Long

It has been a roller-coaster ride for Elder Vanessa Long. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Bishop Long’s wife filed for divorce late Thursday afternoon. She said Friday morning she had changed her mind but by day’s end announced the divorce was on. For Mrs. Long to go back and forth in this matter is […]

Shortly after Bishop Eddie Long’s highly publicized sex scandal with multiple male members of his Atlanta congregation at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, we all witnessed his wife stand by his side from the pulpit supporting him and maintaining her silence on the situation. Today, all of that changed when word quickly spread earlier this […]

Earlier this year, I  reported in, “New Birth Slams Reports That Vanessa Long Has Moved Out that she had left. Bishop Long denied this and issued a statement. Well, his wife  Vanessa has issued hers: “After a great deal of deliberation and prayer, I have decided to terminate my marriage to Bishop Eddie L. Long. […]

Bishop Eddie Long and his mega church are at the center of another lawsuit involving an investment sponsored by the church. Channel 2 investigative reporter Jodie Fleischer spent hours reading pages of documents in which members said an investment encouraged by the church duped them out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ten current and […]

The attorney for three of Bishop Eddie Long’s accusers has kicked them to the curb for allegedly violating the settlement terms. Bishop Eddie Long’s lawyers filed suit against three of the accusers because they talked about the case, revealing sensitive details to the press and on social media networks. The lawyers for Jamal Parris, Spencer […]

Bishop Eddie Long wants his money from three of the five men who accused him of sexual coercion. Attorneys for Bishop Long intend to recover nearly $1 million from their financial settlement because they spoke publicly about the settlement — which was a clear violation of the terms of the non-disclosure agreement outlined in the […]

The headlines are once again filled with Bishop Eddie Long! This time it involves another lawsuit against him and his partners in a real estate venture that defaulted on a $2 million dollar bank loan. Long and his two partners in the West Indies Holding Co. LLC, took out a loan from a Macon bank […]

Bishop Eddie Long, who recently avoided trial in a sexual misconduct case against him, may have new problems. A fifth young man has come forward with claims against Bishop Eddie Long. There have been rumors of Bishop Long having had other interests for a long time. Where there is smoke there is fire. Let’s see […]

One of the four men who accused Bishop Eddie Long of sexual misconduct was arrested this week in Florida on suspicion of being a drug dealer.Jamal Parris, 24, was driving a white 2011 BMW in Miami Beach Tuesday evening when a Florida Highway Patrol officer noticed that it had no tags. Jamal Parris, who  once […]

Bishop T.D. Jakes recently responded to the Eddie Long’s settlement in his sexual misconduct case, saying that Christians should still pray for Long’s church because they have no authority to say anything else. When the allegations against Long became public, Jakes publicly addressed the case before his own congregation, The Potter’s House in Dallas, saying, […]

Lerone Martin, an assistant professor of American Religious History at Eden Theological Seminar in St. Louis is speaking out against Creflo Dollar for remarks he made during his June 5 sermon telling visitors to return to Bishop Eddie Long’s church no matter what he did. The 3 Craziest Eddie Long Stories Of The Week Dollar […]

Anthony Boyd, one of the young men who refused to settle and take money from Bishop Eddie Long is now maintaining his innocence from a burglary charge. Anthony was once a promising star in Bishop Long’s eyes.  Eddie Long once introduced him to the  congregation by saying, “He’s had a heckuva past. When he heard […]