2012 Elections

After a long campaign trail,  Barack Obama has been elected for a second term as President of the United States. Election night began as a, “neck and neck”, race as both candidates fought for electoral votes.  As the night went on, President Obama quickly emerged as the clear winner with 274 electoral votes to Mitt Romney’s 203 […]

What first appeared to be an isolated problem in one Florida county has now spread statewide, with election officials in at least seven counties informing…

Now that Herman Cain is completely out of the picture, the world knows it  is a two man race. Perry comes off like Yosemite Sam. He’s the “rootin’est tootin’est hombre” from Texas alright. Still, I have never seen him own a truly “Presidential moment”. Bachmann was never too impressive (courageous as the undertaking is) and […]

WASHINGTON (AP) — Suddenly Mitt Romney is fighting a two-front political war. Related News: Cain’s Wife Not Aware Of Ginger White The Republican presidential contender has skated along for much of the year as GOP challengers surged and faded. But now he faces an unexpected, more serious threat from Newt Gingrich – just as Barack […]

As the 2012 election approaches, many young voters and volunteers say they have lost the zeal to campaign for President Obama like they did in 2008. See also: Glenn Beck: Rick Santorum ‘Is The Next George Washington See also: A girl and her dog in South Africa Interviews around the country suggest that while college students are […]

The National Restaurant Association paid $35,000 in severance pay in the late 1990s to one of the women who accused then chief executive, Herman Cain, of sexually inappropriate behavior, sources said on Tuesday. See also: Rush Limbaugh: Herman Cain Harassment Story ‘Unconscionable, Racially Stereotypical Attack’ The details of the incident are still murky, but according […]