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We know it was the holiday weekend, and you were relaxing from the stressful work week, allowing yourself to indulge in the holiday foods. Now, you would like to get back into the routine of things. Just because 4th of July is complete doesn’t mean the beaches have shut down! Want to know what are some of the best summer foods to keep you looking good?

1. Jogging is the simplest form of cardio, but one of the best. For a great fat burning work out session set a steady pace for 30 minutes.

2. A run on the Treadmill. Just because the weather isn’t permitting for an outdoor run does not mean you have an excuse to miss your cardio session for the day. While running on the treadmill you can catch up on some TV, or blast the radio and listen to music.

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3. Step Aerobics is always something fun you and a girlfriend can do together. Not only are you exercising and burning calories, the environment of an aerobics class has been studied and proven to help promote an overall better mood in a person

4. What is a summer cardio workout list without swimming? Swimming is one of the best cardio routines that is low impact on your bones and joints, yet highest in toning your overall body muscles.

5. Step out of the 4 wheeler and pedal onto the 2 wheeler. Cycling is a fun cardio workout for the summer. You can head out to the local park, or if the weather is a little on the cloudy side you can do it in your bedroom with a static cycle.


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