Super Bowl XLV is a little over a week away, and NFL fans are making sure they get their seats at Cowboys Stadium. While tickets are sold out, various brokers and people online are hawking tickets, but they’re expensive!

ESPN reports that one fans spent as much as $70,000 for a suite Dallas-based stadium. WOAH!

While $70,000 is out of the average person’s price range, regular tickets range anywhere from $2,100 to $8,000, Golden Tickets’ rep Ram Silverman told ESPN.

On, the site said 26 percent of its buyers are from Texas and each are paying an average price of $3,268 per ticket, while the average asking price for a Super Bowl ticket is $3,676.

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However, StubHub spokesperson Joellen Ferrer told the sports network that prices are going up.

“Prices are going up,” Ferrer said. “A lot of the tickets are at the corporate level, and I would expect those prices to go up. We know fans on both sides are buyers, and that’s a good thing for everybody.”

The Ring of Honor Suite was purchased for $73,163 by a Texas buyer earlier this week. It includes 15 tickets and a catered meal. Another fan from California paid $15,002 for a Premium Club Seat at the Steelers’ 50-yard line.

A ticket broker in Dallas said that tickets with a face value of $600 are now going for about $2,000, and a ticket valued at $900 is selling for around $2,500.

Despite the huge prices, expects say if the match-up was different, prices would be even higher. Silverman said that if the New York Jets were playing against the Chicago Bears, ticket buyers would have been out to spend big money.

Why? Because of the differences in their fanbases.

“Green Bay and Pittsburgh have blue collar-type fans, and it’s a fan base that’s nationwide,” he said. “The demand will be really high next week. But if you have New York or Chicago, you can expect things to go up a little bit the week before the game.”

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