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By Robin Downes

The affects that food has on our physical health are widely known, what is less known is the affect food can have on our mood, memory, and mind. Food filled with sugar and carbohydrates can result in not only weight gain, but also memory loss and depression. Nevertheless, food with the right amount of protein can result in a much happier and calm soul and body. Various foods have different affects on the way we act; for example, bananas oysters and caviar can increase sexual performans and desire. Also, foods with Omega3, like fish and walnuts not only increase physical health, but can also result in happier moods and a more active body. Consuming Vitamin C can largrly increase vision and memory; foods like avocados, oranges and spinach are great sources.

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In 1988 the Food and Mood Project was founded to conduct studies on depressed patients and how food could be used as a form of healing. It became clear that the patients who started eating better foods, full of protein and vitamins started recovering faster than the patients who did not. This project explains that our brains produce chemicals called neurotransmitters, that regulate our moods and emotions. Proteins, sugars and carbohydrates can trigger certain neurotransmitters which decrease or increase emotional states. It is important to eat healthy foods rich with nutrients to ensure happiness and tranquility.

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