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If you are single, saved and desire to be so satisfied; then this Sunday from 6 pm until 8 pm is your “date with destiny” with Dr. Laverne Adams! Learn how to celebrate your season of “singleness” with biblical principles!

“Dr. LaVerne Adams, is the author of “Driven By Destiny:12 Secrets to Unlock Your Future”, a certified life coach, and inspirational speaker. For nearly 15 years she has been a pastor, professor, Executive Director and community leader helping countless individuals to define their destiny.  Also affectionately known as “The Doctor of Destiny®”, Dr. Adams is life coach to celebrities and busy professionals. She is a graduate of Palmer Theological Seminary with a Doctorate of Ministry, and is passionate about sharing her wisdom from years of experience and training, to motivate people to maximize their potential and be their best person possible , living the life they dream about. After 26 years of marriage and a painful divorce, for the past 5 years, Dr. Adams has been single, saved and is so satisfied . She is enjoying the single and productive lifestyle of the Apostle Paul, dedicating all of her energies to the advancement of humankind and the Kingdom of God. She has traveled extensive to Africa, the Caribbean, India, Latin American, and the Philippines. Her response to all of her adventurous experiences is “I absolutely, positively LOVE MY LIFE!”

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