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Her Story: Aunt Delores – Still Making History | Dr. Willie Jolley

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Dr. Willie Jolley’s principle to win BIG today is “Her Story: Aunt Delores – Still Making History”

Today we want to give another history maker, a woman who has made history. She’s 96 years old. She is not a famous person. Ohh, well, let me say she was not a famous person, but now she is an Internet sensation. I interviewed her and put her up on social media telling her story, which is incredible.  

Here’s the story that she has been living in her home for 70 years. When she bought her home, she was the first African American in that area is a very exclusive area and second, back then, they would not sell a home to a single woman. You had to have a husband and so she didn’t have husband. So at settlement, the broker said her husband’s buying it for her, her husband, to be. She’s going to marry this guy and he’s buying it for her and wants to put it in her name? Well, they were able to make it happen. She never did marry anybody. She’s been a single woman. No children, 96 beautiful, glamorous and incredible. 

 You wanna watch her interview on my social media? Go to any of my social media platforms and look for Aunt Dolores. It will inspire. It will empower you and it will change your life. Everybody’s watching it, it’s viral and it’s incredible. You will be glad you watched it.  

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