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There are many signs in which you can know you are getting further along in your relationship with your partner. An introduction to a close friend/ family member, opening up about previous life events, but nothing seals the deal more than being told “I love you”. Some may feel those words are the ultimate ‘red flag’ and make a run for the nearest exit if those words come far too early in the entanglement, while others wait on those magical three words for years.

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If you feel like someone has ever told you “I love you” too fast, trust me, you are not the only one. went on to survey 3,000 Americans to reveal which states are speedy in professing their love to their partners, and which ones take their sweet time.

How long does it take someone to fall in love?

Studies show that on average, it takes someone approximately two months to fall in love. With careful judgement, it takes another two months of making sure those feelings are valid before a confession rolls off the tongue. In short, it takes about four months for a person to tell their partner ‘I love you’.

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Residents from Hawaii, West Virginia, and Iowa are the quickest to express their love, taking just two months to express their love to their partners. Minglers in New Mexico on the other hand, want to make sure all the boxes are checked off, and don’t mind taking their time to do so, taking a record nine months to express sentiments of love.

Pennsylvanians are on par with the average, taking about four months to express their love to their partners. Our tri-state neighbors in New Jersey and Delaware also take an average of four months to tell their partner ‘I love you’

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For a full list of ‘I Love You’ declaration times for each state [CLICK HERE]


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