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Transit Strike Shuts Down Buses And Subways In Philadelphia

Source: Jeff Fusco / Getty

SEPTA Transit Police officers took a stand on the picket line Thursday night after the Fraternal Order of Transit Police Union denied SEPTA’s latest deal in which members voted overwhelmingly to strike.

According to CBS, More than 170 officers were off the transit system. And while sides did return to the negotiating table, union officials said those talks didn’t go so well. With no security on transit, riders are concerned for their safety after the strike.

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Yvone Young, of Southwest Philly, spoke to CBS on how the strike has affected her in her travels

“It’s just dangerous to travel by yourself,” Young said. “I think they need more people on SEPTA, Market-Frankford Lines, patrolling. Because it’s crazy the way things go these days,” Young said.

Transit Strike Shuts Down Buses And Subways In Philadelphia

Source: Jeff Fusco / Getty

In April through September in 2023, transit police reported four murders, 57 aggravated assaults and 83 robberies.

“We know this isn’t something we can do for a long period of time,” Andrew Busch, the director of media relations at SEPTA, said. “But we do have to maintain safe operations for the 700,000 customers that rely on us every day.”

Union leaders say they are scheduled to be back at the negotiating table at 9 a.m. Friday


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