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Rasheed Wallace visits Lady B on Classix 107.9

Lady B x Touch x Sheed

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“Today was getting breakfast with my kids and we walked into this breakfast spot and there was a police officer in there — he was like, ‘man, I went to your camp’ and I have a cousin in my family who’s been a police officer forever.” Wallace said. “And he came up to the camp and talked and I guess whatever he said, motivated this young man to become a police officer”

Wallace explained the reasoning behind his community philanthropy, his mother, Jackie Wallace, whose heart was bigger than her body, giving back to those in need every chance she could get. Wallace admitted he wasn’t aware of the impact his mother had in the community and that new found information inspired him to do great work.

My mom used to work for the state Welfare office. So I didn’t even know all of the young ladies that she helped out until of course, you know, we’re, we’re at the repass and everybody had a couple of minutes to talk and I was like, you know, I was just blown away” Wallace explained. “So I want to continue that tradition.”

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