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Warryn Campbell & Erica Campbell On We're The Campbells

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Warryn Campbell-producer, pastor, husband, father, sat down down with the FAQ Podcast. The interview covered his career from his early beginnings at the age of 17 to the present. He answers the question, when are we getting a Mary Mary album.
Did you know Warryn Campbell started his career at the age of 17 at Deathrow Records?
I started with DJ Quik right out of high school at 17. He started telling me stuff and showing me stuff. When we first came out with ‘Shackles’ those are Quik’s drum sounds he gave me. He is super instrumental in everything I ever did.
Kanye West’s First Sunday Service Happened At Warryn Campbell’s Caliworship Church

Our church when Kanye decided to do Sunday Service and take it to church’s, ours was the first one. He brought Tori Kelly with him. I remember looking in the audience and seeing Scooter Braun (Justin Bieber manager) and I was like, ‘Scooter Braun in church?’

Why Suge Knight Body Slammed Warryn Campbell

Mind you Suge wasn’t a scary dude. He’s scary on TV he’s super nice, you don’t want to cross him. Only issue I had was he walked in the room and said ‘I give anyone $2,000 to wrestle me right now. So I was like ‘let’s go!’ He picks me up slams me on my back hard in the studio. Tupac’s laughing.I say ‘give me my money’ he was like ‘I ain’t giving you nothing’ and walks out. Everyone’s laughing at me. So I’m like, ‘I’m going to get my money.’ I don’t know what I was going to do. I walked out. I didn’t even say nothing to him. He said, ‘man I was just playing’ and he threw me a wad of cash. It was $6,000. I walk back in the room and everyone is like ‘wait a minute.’ It was nothing but because of that moment nobody ever bothered me over there.

When Are We Getting Another Mary Mary album?
I got one in the can that’s blazin. I mean we’ll see. When asked what is the hesitation in releasing it Warryn responded, why won’t Eddie Murphy do stand-up comedy? Cuz everybody wants you to do it makes it a little bit more fun that you don’t. My wife’s solo career is killin it so the brand is protected.They [Mary Mary] were able to stay in the limelight because they had 6/7 seasons of a reality show; first gospel group to do a reality show. When that was over we did one on TV One called ‘We’re The Campbell’s’ and then my wife is on the radio every morning 5 days a week.

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