Many people were shocked to find that Kanye West has been named the number 1 Gospel Artist by Billboard for the third year in the row. This crated much controversy as some disagree the the music Kanye West makes doesn’t or shouldn’t fall into the gospel category. Some strongly believe that there are too many […]

Tamar Braxton took to her social media to share that a man she knows broke into her home and stole her safe. She said they didn’t touch her Birkin bag, computer or her son’s gaming system, just the safe. Tamar said she is not angry and this moment did not break her. She continued that […]

A photographer has the internet talking as she made a video on 3 signs during a wedding that a marriage won’t last. Shayla Herrington, a photographer from Arkansas made a TikTok video titled “3 Signs A Couple May Split” based off a conversation she had with a wedding photographer for over a decade, sharing her […]

Rev. Jesse Jackson joined the students on the campus of Howard University as they protested living conditions on the campus. The Administrators were not backing down and threatening the students with expulsion. Rev Jackson secured a verbal agreement from Howard University’s administration to allow the students to end their protest without facing expulsion. The arrangement […]

The question Philly has been asking for a while…..Is SEPTA is going on strike? SEPTA and its largest union, Local 234 TWU, has come to a tentative agreement on a new contract, avoiding a strike that was geared to start Monday morning. Jamie Horwitz said Friday the union representing 5,000 workers reached a deal for […]

Tamela Mann does an outstanding job! Terrell throws out different words and Tamela sings on each word and turns it into a song. She sings the word ‘King’ and takes it to “Take me to The King”, at minute marker 11:30. Mann sings on the word ‘alone’, a feeling that many of us feels, but […]

Source: Promo / TV One Warryn Campbell-producer, pastor, husband, father, sat down down with the FAQ Podcast. The interview covered his career from his early beginnings at the age of 17 to the present. He answers the question, when are we getting a Mary Mary album.   Did you know Warryn Campbell started his career at […]

A 2015 clip from Omarion has resurfaced. The clip has now turned into the ‘Omarion Challenge’. The “Omarion Challenge,” started when an old clip of him recently resurfaced doing a military, syncopated, which some consider inspired by a Michael Jackson-like move on stage. Kirk Franklin took the challenge to church-literally. The original clip of Omarion […]

Yes ladies and gentlemen, just moments ago, Fury knocked out Wiilder. In the highly anticipated trilogy fight between Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wiilder, Wiilder takes a mean L. The referee called the fight after Tyson Fury throw a knock out hit that took Deontay Wiilder crashing down in the 11th round. Right before knockout in […]

Orlando Brown has made headlines over the past few years due to his run-ins with the law and a public battle with drug addiction. The former That’s So Raven star has since turned his life around and has delivered a new set of verses celebrating the triumph over his demons Brown, 33, overcame his addiction […]

There have been reports today of a burning vehicle in street near 2708 Conestoga Terrace, at the Philadelphia Housing Project apartment complex, Bartram Village. Last night on Monday September 27, 2021, local residents reported a car explosion. Footage has appeared on social media accounts from multiple people including the Citizens app and a Philadelphia Instagram […]

As The School District of Philadelphia experiences a shortage of school bus drivers, they are exploring ways to take a control of this problem that disrupted the first two weeks of school.  One potential option being considered is bringing in National Guard troops. “We’re exploring all of the avenues within our span of control,” Superintendent […]