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In this aging population the elders of our society are not being honored. In the news we have questions of Medicare and end of life care. Each of these things should be treated with respect. After all, we all have hopes of getting older. We just need to follow simple rules to give them the dignity and respect that they need and are entitled too.

  • Do not expect old people to be much different from any other age. Some old people can become very childish; but, some young people are very childish also.
  • Give honor and respect to those who are old. Of course I feel that everyone in existence deserves honor and respect. I make it a practice to not despise any of God’s creatures, no matter how small or deformed or worn out. They may be having difficulty with the basics we take for granted but remember they deserve our patience and love
  • Learn to love older people. To love an older person comes closer to true love. Of course, it is a pleasure to deal with an old person who is sweet, lovely, intelligent, and self-sufficient. Anyone can do that. It takes real character to love those who don’t love us, and especially to love those who aren’t lovable

  • Be careful about correcting an old person’s opinion. The old person may be wrong; but again, you may be wrong. He or she has lived a long time and his or her opinion is worth the consideration of age.
  • Treat old people just like you want to be treated when you get old. If you are fortunate enough to have someone in your family that is elderly. Consider it a blessing and take care that someone is interested in how they are living. No one deserves to live in squalor, hungry and mistreated. If they have a home attendant, check in on them. Don’t just assume that the care is up to par. Check the nursing home on a regular basis. If you see something wrong say something and report it. We all want to be cared for when we are older.
  • Old folks love to laugh. They tell great stories and can give you great laughs. Humor keeps the heart young and exercises the muscles.
  • Visit the old people. Loneliness is an awful feeling. Visit. Even if you don’t have someone older in your family. Volunteer during the holidays to go and visit. It is an awful thing to be left alone in a nursing home and forgotten. Sometimes they have outlived all their relatives and just need someone to care that they are there. A smile and laugh mean the world to them. It is also good for your soul. I promise you will feel great.

The Bible very clearly tell us, “Honor your father and mother” (older people), which is the first commandment with promise “that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth.”

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