Your Voice Exclusive: Solomon Jones Talks Boxing, Prison And More With Boxing Champion Bernard Hopkins And Smokey Wilson


Bernard Hopkins, one of the most successful boxers of the past thirty years joined us this morning on Your Voice with Solomon Jones.

A native of North Philly, Hopkins walked Solomon and his listeners through his journey as a young man growing up on the streets of Philadelphia, the tough prison system and boxing with Oscar De La Hoya.

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“I wanted to be known as the guy that went against the grain on a positive note,” Hopkins told Jones.



Alongside Hopkins was his former trainer at Graterford State Correctional Institution, Michael “Smokey” Wilson. Wilson served almost 47 years and was a former juvenile prisoner, serving life without parole in Pennsylvania.



Hopkins and Wilson met in prison in 1984, just by having a casual conversation about the science of boxing. They have been close friends since then, developing decades-long relationship over brotherhood and the love of boxing.

Check out the interviews from today’s show with Bernard Hopkins and Michael “Smokey” Wilson.

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