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103 Uber Drivers Accused Of Sexual Abuse

Uber Drivers Present Petition To Transport For London

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In a CNN investigation, it was reported that 103 Uber drivers were accused of assault or abuse.

According to CNN,

After an evening of cocktails in San Diego, a woman got into the back of an Uber for a ride home. She was so intoxicated she had to ask the driver to stop so she could vomit. She says she then passed out in the backseat.

When she regained consciousness, the Uber driver was on top of her, raping her, a block from her home, according to the police report and two sources familiar with the investigation.

 She was able to escape and dial 911.

Police later arrested the Uber driver, John David Sanchez, 54. When they searched his computer, they found videos of Sanchez raping women and abusing young teenagers, dating back at least five years.

In November, Sanchez was sentenced to 80 years in prison for the rape of the Uber passenger and 33 other counts against him, including sexual assaults of at least nine other women and children. Sanchez drugged many of his victims.

A CNN investigation has found that Sanchez is just one of at least 103 Uber drivers in the U.S. who have been accused of sexually assaulting or abusing their passengers in the past four years. The drivers were arrested, are wanted by police, or have been named in civil suits related to the incidents. At least 31 drivers have been convicted for crimes ranging from forcible touching and false imprisonment to rape, and dozens of criminal and civil cases are pending, CNN found.

There is no publicly available data for the number of sexual assaults by Uber drivers or for drivers of other rideshare companies. CNN’s analysis comes from an in-depth review of police reports, federal court records and county court databases for 20 major U.S. cities.

Cosby Jury Explains It’s ‘Guilty’ Verdict


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In a joint statement released on Monday, the jurors in the Bill Cosby conviction said that they believed his accusers account and of his guilt by the facts, not the amount of social change that’s happened since the #MeToo movement.

“Not once were race or the #metoo movement ever discussed, nor did either factor into our decision, as implied in various media outlets,” the jurors, whose names have not been released, said in the statement.

“It was his deposition, really,” Mr. Snyder, 22, the youngest of the 12 jurors, said in an interview that aired on Monday on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “Mr. Cosby admitted to giving these quaaludes to women, young women, in order to have sex with them.”

Stormy Daniels Is Suing Donald Trump For Defamation


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Adult film star Stormy Daniels (real name: Stephanie Clifford) is suing President Donald Trump for defamation. Trump claims in a tweet that the forensic sketch of a man who threatened Daniels in 2011 was a “total con job.”

The lawsuit alleges Donald Trump’s comment exposed Daniels to violent threats and mockery.

“Mr. Trump used his national and international audience of millions of people to make a false factual statement to denigrate and attack Ms. Clifford,” the complaint says.

Trump’s attorney had no immediate comment on the defamation lawsuit.

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