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Michelle Obama helped kick off the BETher Leading Women Defined 2018 in Bel Harbour, Flordia. The event gathers around 100 African-American women thought leaders for 3 days. Strategically happening during Women’s History Month, the event is focused around themes of renewal and wellness, while also including business sessions, networking, and community serivce. The purpose it to have constructive dialogue that leads into actionable change and solutions at a national level for the Black community.

While the whole conference was empoweringm the highlight was none other than former First Lady, Michelle Obama in conversation with Valerie Jarrett. There was something quite noticeable about Mrs. Obama’s fashion choice for the evening.

Behaving like an everyday woman, our down-to-earth former First Lady wore the same ‘Carte de Tendre’ Gucci map dress that she wore while on The Ellen Show in 2016.

Wearing a dress twice technically isn’t a big deal, but in the age of social media, it’s often caused women to be less likely to wear the same dress to two major events. However, Mrs. Obama, who marches to the beat of her own drum, wore this special dress and it was the perfect choice for the occassion.

The dress, designed by Alessandro Michele for Gucci’s Spring 2016 collection, is printed with words including “Respect,” “Sensibility,” “Goodness,” and “Generosity” (to name a few). What great words for a productive, uplifting, and actionable event. The dress also includes stylish details like sequined ribbons and ruffles with shine.

Beauties, what do you think of the dress? Tell #TeamBeautiful in the comment section!


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