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On Friday, March 2,  19-year-old James Davis, Jr. reportedly shot his parents in his dorm room due to a “domestic dispute.” The victims were James Davis Sr. and Diva Davis, both 47. The motive for the shooting is unknown but there are reports he had a “bad reaction” to drugs. Now, his older brother is speaking out.

Russell Matthew Davis wrote on Facebook, “It’s so surreal, I’m in shock and even in denial… it’s a hard pill to swallow, a heavy load to bear. I can’t wrap my mind around this, nor make any sense of this.” He also added, “To the media and opinionated people… Please don’t make a villain of my brother… that is NOT who he is… and despite the circumstances, he also lost a mother and father… And I LOVE him. Consider that!”

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After the shooting, James Davis, Jr. was on the run for 17 hours. He was finally captured the morning of March 3.  The weapon was a handgun that was registered to his father.

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