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Nick Foles Leads Philadelphia To The Super Bowl Against The Patriots

NFC Championship - Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles

Source: Patrick Smith / Getty

And we’re off! The Philadelphia Eagles set Lincoln Financial Field on fire Sunday night as they took on the Minnesota Vikings with a 38-7 win. It’s taken the Eagles 13 years to receive another NFC Championship, and so much has changed since 2005.

Lincoln Financial Field was less than a year old, Philadelphia neighborhoods have changed significantly, riders could still use tokens on SEPTA and there weren’t kiosks to buy a cheesesteak from. One thing has remained the same over time though: the City of Philadelphia and it’s fans never lost hope.

“We’re not only going to Minneapolis,” Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie told the fired-up crowd while accepting the Eagles’ third George Halas Trophy. “We have something to do in Minneapolis. One more win!”

The underdog Eagles will now meet the New England Patriots for the second time in a rematch game that fans have waited 13 years for, and in the words of head coach Doug Pederson, “we’re going to the stinkin’ Super Bowl.”

Pa. Supreme Court Strikes Down Congressional Map As Unconstitutional

Gavel laying on judges bench in courtroom

Source: Robert Daly / Getty U.S. Rep. Patrick Meehan saw his political future thrown into doubt Saturday after a report that the Delaware County Republican quietly used thousands of taxpayer dollars to settle a sexual-harassment claim from a former aide.

House Speaker Paul Ryan quickly removed Meehan from the House Ethics Committee and said the congressman would be investigated by the panel.  Ryan also urged Meehan to pay taxpayers back for the settlement. Gov. Wolf urged Meehan to quit office.

Political operatives in Pennsylvania said they were surprised to see Meehan – widely seen as a mild straight-arrow type – drawn into a harassment scandal, but they questioned whether his career could survive the news at a time when similar revelations have brought down powerful men in Congress, Hollywood, and elite media circles.

Meehan, a former federal prosecutor who is 62 and married with three sons, professed “romantic desires” to a decades-younger aide last year and grew hostile when she did not go along, the New York Times reported.

Trump Signs Bill To End Government Shutdown And Reopen Government

Donald Trump

Source: Drew Angerer / Getty

CBS News- President Trump signed a short-term spending bill that will fund the government through Feb. 8, ending a weekend-long government shutdown. The measure also extends the Children’s Health Insurance Program through 2023 and suspends three Obamacare-related taxes and fees.

The House followed the Senate in passing legislation Monday afternoon to reopen the government after the shutdown 266-150. The Senate vote was 81-18. Mr. Trump’s signature Monday evening now enables the government to reopen for business. The measure also pays federal workers through the shutdown.

After the bill passed the Senate, Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell told senators that the weeks ahead would “require the best from all of us,” as they move on to negotiations over DACA and immigration, as well as military spending, disaster relief, and health care. He chided Democrats and said he hoped that everyone could remember the lesson that “brinksmanship and hostage-taking do not work. They make bipartisan progress harder —  not easier — to achieve.” He called on the Senate to “focus on the common good” and not the “warped priorities of extreme voices, no matter how loudly they shout at us to do otherwise.”

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