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When U.S. Army veteran Nate Boyer saw his team’s quarterback sitting during the national anthem last year, he was instantly offended.

But he took the time to listen to Colin Kaepernick‘s perpsective and reached out to start a dialog about how he felt the QB could improve his act of protest.

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Instead of sitting, Boyer suggested kneeling, which is a sign of respect across cultures.

“The fact that he was willing to listen and go to a knee versus sitting, I thought was huge,” said Boyer. “That’s an important step that he’s taken. I think other people need to take a step, too and maybe listen to him.”

Boyer also voiced support for the underlying mission of Kaepernick’s protest of police brutality and systemic inequality: “The ones who aren’t doing it the right way, we need to correct it. We need to fix it. He’s right about that.”

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