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7 ways to find JOY in your life.
1.  Spend time with GOD in a quite place and meditate on the word and pray. 
2.  Get outside. Whenever you feel bored or antsy go for a walk. The fresh air, changing scenery, and exercise will boost your mood.
3 The next time you argue with someone, be the first person to acknowledge the other person’s point of view and let it go.
4 Go to bed an hour early  and Tomorrow, you’ll wake up with a brighter outlook.
5.  Volunteer your time with a local charity organization. 
6.  Take  up a hobby, like knitting or piano playing. Hobbies are fun and relieve stress.

7.  Have plants in the home. Have them on your desk and kitchen counter with cut flowers. houseplants. Plants are proven mood enhancers.
By Brother Marcus

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