In Joy Living, Erica Campbell explains that nothing is as powerful as the word of God.

Erica Campbell discusses how difficult it can be to hold on to your joy during the holiday season. This doesn’t even necessarily because people are single, or dealing with family issues- it happens because of the shift into cold weather and lack of sunshine. But Erica urges us to hold onto our joy through our […]

In this edition of Joy Living, Erica Campbell urges us to keep our peace. Because how can we possibly find our happiness without keeping peace within us? This is something that often gets overlooked; people wonder why they are unhappy but haven’t given any thought to their inner peace. After reading some powerful scriptures about […]

In his edition of the Ericasm, Erica talks about going through her DMs a few days ago after having been posting about love. She received a message from someone who didn’t understand why Erica could have posted something positive about people who have done not so great things in the past. Erica didn’t understand how […]

In this edition of Joy Living, Erica Campbell talks about how people often mislabel joy. While it is a synonym for happiness, it doesn’t necessarily mean all smiles and rainbows. Joy is also strength. “Your circumstance should not dictate your level of joy,” Erica says. She tells an adorable story about her four-year-old daughter, Zaya, […]

In this edition of Faith Talk, Erica Campbell talks about going straight to the word of God, through both gospel music and the bible, in order to change her atmosphere when she feels like negative thoughts are threatening her faith and peace of mind. She talks about being determined to live in victory, and to […]

Gospel artist, songwriter and producer Vashawn Mitchell talks to Erica Campbell and GRIFF about his upcoming album “Secret Place,” and its first single, “Joy.” The album was recorded live in Johannesburg, South Africa, featuring a handful of legendary American gospel artists such as Tasha Cobbs and Bebe Winans, along with some prominent South African artists as […]

Erica Campbell talks about how sometimes, when we’re upset about something, we can be resistant to the positivity and the love around that is trying to penetrate your bubble of sadness and lift you up. Erica recalls a story of her own heartbreak when she was younger, sulking after a break-up with a boy. She says her […]

7 ways to find JOY in your life. 1.  Spend time with GOD in a quite place and meditate on the word and pray.  2.  Get outside. Whenever you feel bored or antsy go for a walk. The fresh air, changing scenery, and exercise will boost your mood. 3 The next time you argue with […]

Janice Gaines talks about how the song “Greatest Life Ever,” came about and what she wants listeners to take away from it. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! She…

We all know that joy is the greatest gift that the world can’t give you and the world can’t take it away. Then we have the gift called happiness, which is a choice. If you want to boost your happiness, I found a few tips that may help you do just that. 1. Helping someone. […]

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Davares Burnett is from North Carolina and has been singing since the age of 3. In addition to being a singer, Davares is also a worship leader and vocal coach/trainer at her church. She is also known for her quote, “Helping you become a better you”. Live by the spirit and walk by the spirit! […]