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President Barack Obama is set to deliver what will be his final State of the Union Address Tuesday night.

But don’t expect the president, who has historically used the moment to highlight current legislative wins in his administration and future plans, to focus on changes he can make during his last year in office. Instead, Obama will use Tuesday night to focus on two things — a reflection of his two-terms and the future of America as it relates to subjects near and dear to his heart, including gun control.

The conversation will no doubt set the tone for the upcoming presidential elections as voters tune in to what their party’s candidates are focused on.

From the White House:

When President Obama took office seven years ago, we were involved in two wars, losing over 800,000 jobs a month, and weathering the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. But, with his leadership and the determination of the American people, we have made extraordinary progress on the path to a stronger country and a brighter future.

We’ve proven that, together, we can overcome great challenges.

In his last State of the Union, President Obama will lay out the ways that we, as the American people, can once again come together in pursuit of a country worthy of generations to come.

Watch the livestream above.

SOURCE: The White House | VIDEO SOURCE: Inform


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