Virginia lawmakers on Monday will reluctantly face the unprecedented prospect of impeaching the state’s second most powerful leader as they struggle to address revelations of past racist behavior and allegations of sexual assault roiling its highest levels of office. At least one lawmaker said he will try to pursue impeachment of Democratic Lt. Gov. Justin […]

Now that President Trump’s current attorney, Rudy Giuliani, has told us on NBC’s Meet the Press that “truth isn’t truth,” we are left to determine for ourselves what “truth” actually means. That’s not easy when Trump is constantly bombarding us with documentable lies that seem designed to confuse and distract. But in the midst of so […]

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Before Trump got elected many Americans thought that in order to be President of the United States, you needed to have tons of political experience. Well now we know that millions of Americans will still vote for you despite lacking several years of a political background. This development is apparently what has caused Oprah Winfrey […]

Tom Perez, the former Secretary of Labor, hugged his supporters after being elected as the new Chair of the Democratic National Committee. Now the hard part begins. Perez takes over a Democratic Party in turmoil and he is facing many challenges in the months ahead. Democrats are still reeling from an embarrassing loss after President […]

This morning (Fri. Feb.10th) Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams (pictured above 2nd from right) announced to reporters at a morning news conference that he will not seek re-election to a third term. He described his decision as “difficult,” saying that it was made in the best interests of the office and his family. He did […]

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The number of players for the New England Patriots who have declined to visit the White House after winning last Sunday’s Super Bowl has continued to grow, as two additional players have come forward with their decision not to visit. The Huffington Post is reporting that New England Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount and […]

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At least someone has the guts to stand up to the ridiculousness of the Trump administration and they are the members of the U.S. Appeals Court. It was recently reported that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled in favor to continue to halt Trump’s extremely controversial travel ban. Deadline has all the details […]

Ted Winn is not only heavily involved in music, but also politics and activism.

In Faith Walking, Erica Campbell explans why we should stop fighting each other.

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It’s been almost two months since the 2016 presidential election and the majority of us are still trying to forget the outcome. Unfortunately for the foreseeable future, we are stuck with one Donald Trump, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t bask in the glow of the last eight years under President Obama. And apparently, […]


Rose believes that the rape accusations caused indelible harm to his image.