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President Obama & Rudy Guiliani

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Now that President Trump’s current attorney, Rudy Giuliani, has told us on NBC’s Meet the Press that “truth isn’t truth,” we are left to determine for ourselves what “truth” actually means.

That’s not easy when Trump is constantly bombarding us with documentable lies that seem designed to confuse and distract.

But in the midst of so much misinformation, we are largely unfazed when Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, is found guilty on charges of tax evasion and bank fraud, or when Michael Cohen, the president’s longtime personal lawyer, pleads guilty to fraud charges. We are essentially numb to the endless video loop of police killing unarmed African Americans.

Still, most of us understand that truth is still determined by facts.

But we also know that our experiences define what those facts mean to us. That’s why, at a time when truth itself is under attack, we can each look at a set of facts and come away with different meanings. And those meanings are often seen through our personal prisms of politics, ethnicity, or that enduring American divider — race.

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