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The celebrity pastor who rose to superstardom after officiating Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Wests marriage is now reportedly facing a major lawsuit.

Pastor Rich Wilkerson, Jr. was recently said to have been issued a lawsuit by the law firm Kushnirsky Gerber PLLC.

The pastor, whose church has had guests such as Justin Beiber and Jason Kennedy, allegedly used multiple artists’ artwork without their permission.

Artists such as Typoe, Bikismo and Ahol Sniffs Glue are all claiming the Miami-based religious leader used pieces of their artwork on social media and newspapers.

It is not clear if the artists believe Wilkerson used their artwork in his church, Vous Church.

The pieces of art Wilkerson is speculated to have lifted, were murals that were supposed to be given to a local public school.

According to one of the artists suing, the art was, apparently, never created for “a well-funded celebrity church brand or its prosperous pastors.

The lawsuit also makes mention of Wilkerson’s lavish lifestyle and celebrity ties and proceeds to claim how although the pastor has such a high status, he — nor his church — had any intention of offering any form of payment for using any of the artwork.

It also mentions how even if Wilkerson did ask for permission or offer up monetary payment for the art, the artists who created the pieces would have rejected his offers.

No one from the Wilkerson party has commented to these allegations made.


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