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Charlie Sheen Makes A Revealing Personal Announcement On NBC's TODAY Show

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Charlie Sheen has revealed he is HIV positive in an exclusive interview with Matt Lauer on the Today show.

“It’s a hard three letters to absorb. It’s a turning point in one’s life,” he said. Sheen was diagnosed with the virus about four years ago.


He is adamant he warned all his sexual partners before engaging in sexual activity with them. However he said, “his trust led to their treason.” On one specific occasion, a woman he had sexual relations with took a photo of his antiviral medication to extort him.



When asked why he continued to engage in promiscuous behavior, he responded, “I was depressed. I was doing a lot of drugs. I was drinking.”

Sheen’s medical doctor, who appeared with him on the show, claims Sheen’s chances of transmitting the disease are low because it is undetectable in his blood.



Sheen said he won’t be the “poster boy” for HIV, but hopes to raise awareness for a cure.


“That’s my goal. That’s not my only goal. I think I release myself from this prison today,” he said.

Watch the interview below:


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