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Chris Christie Sworn In For Second Term As Governor Of New Jersey

GOP presidential candidate Gov. Chris Christie made it evident he wants nothing to do with the Black Lives Matter movement, criticizing the group yet again during a recent campaign stop, The Washington Post reports.

Christie spoke on the movement, rival Hillary Clinton, and the protests at Yale and the University of Missouri during his campaign stop in Bettendorf, Iowa on Wednesday. The Republican candidate said he would never meet with anyone from BLM because they allegedly support the killing of police officers. The movement has long faced criticism from those who believe their message is anti-law enforcement, an idea the members have repeatedly stated they do not support.

Christie also blamed President Barack Obama for the recent protests. “I think part of this is a product of the president’s own unwillingness and inability to bring people together,” Christie said. “When people think justice is not applied evenly and fairly, they take matters into their own hands.”

The Washington Post reports:

Earlier, at a town hall further up the Mississippi River, Christie had chastised the Black Lives Matter movement on similar terms. “Don’t call me for a meeting,” he said, according to reporter Claude Brodesser-Akner. “When a movement like that calls for the murder of police officers… no president of the United States should dignify a group like that by saying anything positive about them, and no candidate for president, like Hillary Clinton, should give them any credibility by meeting with them, as she’s done.”

He also denounced the instances of discrimination at Mizzou and Yale University. Following Mizzou’s largely celebrated protests against racial injustice, Black students at Yale followed suit and spoke about the racial tension that has also affected their student body.

But Christie brushed off the outcry from so many beleaguered students who have been harassed and threatened.

“We have two children on two very different campuses right now, Notre Dame and Princeton – two very different, culturally, campuses,” he said. “We don’t sense that from either one of them, I don’t think, that those kind of issue exist on those campuses, or if they do that they’re leading folks to act that the way that the students in Missouri or at Yale are acting.”

During a Halloween party off Yale’s campus, Black and Hispanic students claimed they were not allowed into the fraternity event in deference to “White girls only.” The incident is currently being investigated. On Wednesday, two White students from supporting Mizzou campuses were arrested for making terroristic threats towards Black students and faculty on social media.

Christie was recently praised for his performance in Fox Business’ “undercard” GOP presidential primary debate. Christie is currently ranked third in a recent Gallup poll for the most familiar candidate and tied with Donald Trump for the most unfavorable candidate.

SOURCE: The Washington Post, Gallup | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty 


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