A Black man who worked at Yale University got fed up with a stained-glass panel that depicted slavery. So Corey Menafee told The New Haven Independent that he decided to break it. He lost his job and now faces a felony charge. The controversial panel, which shows slaves picking cotton, was in Yale’s Calhoun residential college […]

The Republican candidate said he would never meet with anyone from BLM because they allegedly support the killing of police officers.

It is stories such as this that I hope will inspire all who are suffering at this junction in their life’s’ journey. I hope it…

Seventeen-year-old Ivy League bound Kwasi Enin announced yesterday that he has made his choice to attend Yale University this fall. Enin made national and international news when all eight Ivy League colleges accepted him; which is rarely heard of. Enin said in a news conference his high school’s gymnasium, that he chose Yale because it […]

Courtesy of 6ABC Dot Com 17 year old high school senior has done the ultimate for higher learning and has been accepted to all Ivy League colleges in the U.S.  The student is Kwasi Enin from New York and he has been accepted to the 8 Ivy League colleges, which are listed as: University of […]