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Pastor Timothy Alden is not the first white pastor in the Oxygen Preachers franchise, but he is holding his own as one adopted and influenced by a black family in Detroit.

Pastor Timothy Alden may be the only white pastor in the cast of “Preachers of Detroit” but that isn’t his most defining characteristic. had a chance to talk with the Detroit born and raised pastor about how he sees himself, his hopes for the city of Detroit, the influence of reality TV and much more.

This interview was edited for length and clarity.

How has the move back to Detroit gone and what are the challenges you’ve faced with being on the show?

I still live in LA so I didn’t move physically back to Detroit. I’ve been going back and forth to Detroit because I have family there and I do ministry on and off at different churches and different events in Detroit. But, I definitely have been home more frequently. Some of the challenges of that have been just feeling the city, feeling what the city has been through, and then really committing to hoping there will be a comeback for Detroit.

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