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If your New Year’s Resolutions or goals include losing weight, there are 7 “To do’s” before you lose! According to, preparation is the key to succeed at weight loss!

Tips to help you prepare for weight loss:

1. Create your personal wellness vision. What does success look like for you?

2. Solidify your commitment. Writing a statement of what you are committing. Be specific.

3. Increase your confidence. Don’t focus on the big picture or on that number you’re trying to reach. Identify small steps you can take that are realistic and actionable.

4. Anticipate obstacles and create strategies to overcome them. What barriers to weight loss have you experienced in the past, or do you fear?

5. Build a support team. Yes, weight loss is your job but sharing your vision with family and friends can be useful.

6. Set up your environment for success. Remove those land minds! Are your fridge and cabinets filled with junk food and unhealthy choices? If so, give it all away or throw it out! Restock with healthy choices so you will have what you need when hunger strikes!

7. Create your plan of action. Will you follow a structured food plan, or just slowly work healthier foods into your daily intake? Will you begin a walking program, join a gym or sign up to take dance classes?


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