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I have a plan for tackling more of the holiday foods that are on the way. I’m watching everything I eat, drinking lots of water and green tea and going to Dr. Fisher’s Medical Weight Loss center twice a month! I’m determine to have some room to get my eat on.

However, I found some guilt-free holiday foods on After checking out the list, this journey may not be as bad as I thought it would. I saw a few things on the list that I go with such as:

Baked Apples

Naturally sweet apples pair well with cinnamon and just a dash of sugar (or calorie-free sweetener) for a healthy, low-cal dessert.

Sweet Potatoes

These orange, nutrient-packed root veggies are often used in rich pies, casseroles and from me as a country girl, I like them candied too. However, remember there are lighter ways to enjoy them like as chips, mashed or ‘fries.”

Lean Ham

I love my spiral ham for the holidays! I can still have it as long as I trim away any visible fat before cooking that helps get rid of all of that saturated fat. But, I also like the maple and brown sugar spiral ham. I know, I know. It is better to use fruit instead to sweeten it up. I can do that because when I was little I always saw my grandmother add pineapple rings and cherries on top of the ham. But this list also says that peaches are good to try as well.

Drink Your Water

Sometimes when we think we are hungry it can be confused with our body’s thirsting for water! I wonder if that helps when you just eat the food because it looks good and you just want to go for it! LOL


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