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Beautiful today with a high of 75! It might be our last warm day like this for the rest of the day, so enjoy!

News you can use hot off the press:

PGW Will Not Be Sold!

Without one public debate, Philly City Council has given the “no-go” on Mayor Michael Nutter’s plans to sell PGW (Philadelphia Gas Works). Council President Darrell Clarke said that no formal vote would be needed because he’s certain that the majority of council members oppose the deal. And Mayor Nutter is not happy! Read more at

CDC Releases New Guidelines For Health Workers Upon Return!

After all of the drama of New Jersey and New York establishing their own ways of tackling the risk of spreading Ebola from health workers from West Africa, the CDC had issued new guidelines for those workers. If at high risk, it is recommended that the worker do a voluntary quarantine at home. If at low risk, continuous monitoring is suggested. And if A-systematic, workers should not do any public or commercial traveling.

Apple Pay Is Not Having Its Way!

IPhone 6 users can no longer use the new mobile paying system, Apple Pay. For some reason Rite Aid, CVS, Wal-Mart and Target are no longer using the system. According to reports, they all could possibly be working on another payment system.

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