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From phone apps to various social networks, religion is growing popular in social media. (Photo By Nicole Williams)

It has become the platform for news from around the world, entertainment fizz, activism and faith and spirituality. Yes, religion has blossomed on social media over the years.

From inspirational faith Twitters to activists on religious Facebook pages and Instagrams, many are getting their daily dosage of religion by simply scrolling down their social network timelines.

But is this phenomenon effective? Some religious social media users around the world say yes, while others like 22-year-old Chellese Hall from Jackson, MS, say it creates another problem for those who have religious values.

Hall says people will post ‘inspirational quotes and ?#SundaySelfies at church with completely opposite messages the next day. Oh, our generation.’  ?

“God calls us to follow Him and walk in love. When we go outside of those boundaries (bashing, negative posts, profanity, re-posting videos), it immediately contradicts the love we claim,” Hall says.

Although Hall says seeing the contradictory behavior is more open on social media, she and others like 20-year-old, Dyniesha Saunders from Edmonton, Alberta, agree that it is important to have these messages on social media timelines.

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